Business by the Book! Turn conventional thinking upside down with a view to do planning from God’s perspective.

BookOur step-by-step strategies follow the model of the master builder of the wall of Jerusalem. Called upon to address critical challenges, rally the support of others, and overcome obstacles and opposition, Nehemiah brought an enormous task to successful conclusion…
and you can too!

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We believe that God wants to infuse your organization with…

  • power to impact the marketplace,
  • purpose to ignite your passion,
  • and a plan to implement goals and activities for bottom line and God glorifying results.

Position your company for greater good or just find order in the chaos. Join us to sharpen your leadership skills and develop a strategic plan to put your organization on track for maximum impact following our biblically inspired model.

Join us for the next six-week Growth Strategy Impact Master Class. In these two-hour per week courses, you will cover important content from the book, Growth Strategy Impact, analyze and apply real-time strategies to your company, and prepare a plan that assures you will reach your goals for God and his glory.

When you commit yourself to this course, you will…

See Clearly

Gain laser focus. Plan with a clear vision of where your company is going and how it is going to get there. Align your passion, plans, and processes with God-inspired purpose to position your organization for favor and financial generosity.

Lead Confidently

Take decisive action. Confidently lead your organization armed with a strategic plan that details the what, why, and how for achieving real results. Engage your team for greater satisfaction and peak performance to take your company to the next level and better serve your clients.

Grow Intentionally

Break the inertia. Intentionally put your goals into action. Skillfully communicate the value and unique benefits of your products and services to your constituency. Fine-tune how you allocate your time, energy, and resources and implement a process that sets your income generator into motion.

Our next Master Class
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Classes in Tallahassee, Florida
Course Cost $497*
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Course Content:
  • Leading the Vision
  • Focused Direction
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Securing Support and Resources
  • Goal Setting and Process Planning
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation

Also includes the book, Growth Strategy Impact, two personal coaching sessions, an electronic strategic plan for your business, and an invitation to join a Master’s Mind Strategic Growth Group.