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Master’s Mind Strategies is a biblically inspired business planning company. Our vision is to see your company and the community you serve transformed through Godly leadership.

The Story of Master’s Mind Strategies

“I was busy being busy, but not getting results.”

Remember what it was like to be a preteen? Remember the awkwardness—worrying about what you looked like, dressed like, who you hung around with? Unless you were one of the few who had the confidence to stand out and make a statement, most of us just wanted to FIT IN! We hadn’t quite figured out who we were and what we stood for so in the meanwhile, we just did what everyone else did.

Recently I had an epiphany—I realized that I had done the SAME THING when I began my own business years ago! Armed with a master’s degree in organizational leadership and 20 years of experience, I eagerly sought every opportunity that crossed my path. You could spot me, like any other newbie—just eager to make a sale looking around to see what everyone else did. Have you done this too? I visited every networking group imaginable, paid memberships to join associations, tuned into teleconferences, read every email that promised the latest “10 Ingredients to Success” or book that described “The 5 Qualities a Leader Should Possess.” I adjusted my wardrobe to look like what I thought a business professional should look like…need I keep going?

Yikes! The marketing experts tell us to find our unique value proposition. Unique? It seems we are more the same than different. Have you spent time, money, and resources thinking it might lead to the next big deal, but not hitting your target? Me too! I was on a slippery slope of being busy with activity, but not getting results—results that would keep me in business!

UNTIL ONE DAY…flying to yet another conference hoping it would provide me with the latest secret to business success, as usual, I walked into the airport bookstore. But as I was about to buy the next latest and greatest book on leadership and management, the thought screamed at me: “DON’T BUY ANOTHER BOOK!”

That day in the bookstore was a turning point. Instead of buying the book, I heard, “YOU WRITE THE BOOK! You have some knowledge people need to know.” I walked out empty handed, but fully challenged.

After some soul-searching and wrestling with my insecurities, I believed God was telling me to complete the writing of a strategic planning manual I had started earlier. Knowing the Bible held answers that could help us all, I investigated a planning model found in the book of Nehemiah.

This new endeavor was a perfect match! It combined my strategic thinking strength, thirty years of experience, and my passion for God’s Word. Humbly realizing God had something he wanted to say through this manual, I divested myself from every distraction that didn’t fit the new focus and acted on my passion to provide people with step-by-step, practical help on doing business from God’s perspective.

Then, I began to notice other organizational and business leaders suffered with SIMILAR PROBLEMS: trying to identify who they are, what their distinctive service is, and where they should be focusing their resources. While maybe you haven’t been chasing empty opportunities, you might be caught in the daily grind: meeting after meeting—issues are talked about and resources are spent, but nothing seems to get done! Secretly, you fear your organization will die a slow death if it doesn’t transform itself.

After completing Growth Strategies Impact, I first incorporated the concepts into my practice. Excited about my new-found connection to what God wanted me to do, I established Master’s Mind Strategies hoping the process would help others too.

ARE YOU BUSY BEING BUSY? Busyness isn’t the answer. Listening and finding focus is. Being more informed won’t bring clarity. Having the MIND of Christ will. If you are you fed up, tired of spinning your wheels, and expending resources with little results; it’s time to do something different! Excuse my enthusiasm, but I’m convinced that this fresh, inspired approach will resonate with your heart and express the soul of why you are in business. It will align your energy and sort out the competing pressures vying for your time and money with a clear plan of action.

OrgTriangleWebAt Master’s Mind Strategies, we are dedicated to your successful results. It’s time to step up and step out with courage and confidence and realize the MUCH MORE that God wants to do through your business. Our processes will help you and your organization align passion and purpose with God’s, establish a clear path to focus your energy and resources, and define and implement core strategies that won’t go out of date so you can serve your clients better.

What is your heart telling you to do? I encourage you to take action today!

To your best, for His highest!


Are you ready?

Our Values

  • God will be glorified in all activities
  • We are guided by biblical principles and trust God for the power to bring about positive change
  • We will conduct all aspects of business with excellence, honesty, integrity, and authenticity
  • We seek to help people connect and reconnect with God to be fully effective
  • As servant leaders, we desire to develop the next generation of leaders
  • We are committed to helping our clients realize results to better serve their clients and grow their business for lasting impact
  • We seek to complement and not compete with other organizations to accomplish mutually desired outcomes

Our Principal

Kathy ThomasKathleen B. Thomas, MAOL

Strategist · Leadership Coach · Speaker · Innovator · Implementer

Founder of Master’s Mind Strategies

Kathy knows what it is like to step out and trust God. After 20 years of experience in education and business, Kathy and her husband quit their jobs, sold their house, and moved their two children to Ethiopia, East Africa, to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

EthiopianFamilyFaith supported, they served there for six years where Kathy’s strategic thinking skills were put to the test planning and implementing a regional literacy program that served tens of thousands of people at a price of $3.00 per person per day. Kathy and her husband trained the local people to train teachers and manage the program intended to eventually impact 200,000 minimally reached people with the ability to read and write their own language. Literacy Class

Upon their return to the United States, Kathy earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership, and started a business coaching and consulting business with minimal success. It wasn’t until Kathy was able to integrate her passion for God’s Word with her business practice did she find her next calling—to help businesses be witnesses to the workplace. Believing that integrating biblical principles with business practices could increase the joy, satisfaction, and effectiveness for many businesses, Kathy now serves her client’s with Master’s Mind Strategies.

Kathy has a unique ability to quickly grasp the core vision and mission of an organization and work with its leadership to shape clear-minded strategies to help accomplish that mission.

Kathy presenting

She is a gifted communicator who in working with her clients can:

  • Intuitively see connections, accurately assess organizational challenges, and offer solutions to maximize effectiveness.
  • Align individual and organizational vision, and coach it into reality through goal setting, planning, and implementation.
  • Address problems through strategic thinking that encourages and empowers people to become the answers to their own challenges.

While many business advisers rely solely on their personal experience and training, Kathy is quick to rely on the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in providing guidance, discernment and direction in working with her clients. She has broad experience working and communicating effectively in a variety of situations and with diverse populations and is passionate about the power of faith, family, and making a difference in the world.

Kathy, her husband and two cats live in Orlando, Florida, where they enjoy sunshine and warm weather for biking, swimming, and kayaking. They are parents of two grown children who have families of their own. Dean continues to serve the African continent with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Examples of clients Kathy has helped…

Designed, implemented, and secured funding for a regional literacy program in Ethiopia directly impacting 15,000 recipients with potential to reach 200,000 indigenous people for approximately $2 per person, per year. Hired and trained 13 national staff including administrative personnel and teacher trainers who trained 500 literacy teachers and established 210 literacy sites.

Coached leadership team (responsible for distributing 10 million in funding to international projects) through a strategic review of plans and redefinition of mission, purpose and job roles to address a changing workplace. Enhanced staff performance coaching them through a process of appreciative inquiry, teambuilding, conflict resolution, and participation in capacity building measures. Secured a stabilized work environment for incoming director.

Coached/trained leadership team of small, family-owned company in the areas of leadership, management, and supervisory skills to address organizational challenges and attrition.