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Strategies for Organizational Growth from the mind of the Master


Engage in a biblically inspired process for business growth!

  • Understand your leadership style and how to empower employees for peak performance
  • Check alignment of vision, values, and mission
  • Analyze preparedness to seize opportunities
  • Identify unique, distinctive benefits to clients
  • Prepare a road map with action steps
  • Make clear decisions with focused direction for the future


What Business Leaders are Saying


“The sessions offered far more than I anticipated. The support provided by the group format was invaluable, and Kathy went above and beyond in helping me with my business needs…these strategies helped me turn goals into detailed action plans. I definitely recommend this program and Kathy’s expert services.”

Dawn Whitestone, HSW Connections

Get Started in the Right Direction 

“Many dream of starting a business, but don’t know where to start. Kathy Thomas with Master’s Mind Strategies knows where to start and the path to keep you going. This class has revolutionized my thinking, broadened my vision and helped me to have a clearer direction for the future. I especially benefited from the interaction with colleagues who are also building their businesses. As I applied the principles learned in the class and interacted with group members, I gained focus, direction, and encouragement.”

Mary Beth Griffis, MA, LMHC

A Most-Needed Tool

Growth Strategies Impact is the most clear and compelling guide I have read on strategic planning. Based on timeless biblical principles, this manual is a practical tool and step-by-step process that both emerging leaders and senior CEOs could use to guide their teams and organizations to the highest level of performance and success…a most needed tool.”

Dr. Bekele Shanko, Vice President, Campus Crusade for Christ International

 Integrated Biblical Principles and Business Practices

“Master’s Mind Strategies provided me with an opportunity to take a biblical look at how I was approaching my business, both from a day to day and a long term perspective. I was encouraged by being able to relate my struggles and also my successes to that of Nehemiah. What a blessing to be reminded of our connection to God in a world where we are seemingly bombarded with negativity and competition in all aspects of our lives!” 

Melanie Wheeler, Melken Solutions

Our step-by-step strategies follow the model of the master builder of the wall of Jerusalem. Called upon to address critical challenges, rally the support of others, and overcome obstacles and opposition, Nehemiah brought an enormous task to successful conclusion…and you can too.


We offer a range or programs to fit your schedule, your budget and the specific goals you want to achieve. Whether we work with you in a group setting, in a one-on-one advisory capacity, or if you purchase our self-directed course, you can be sure you will see results.

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Master Classes

Hands-on strategic business planning with the iron-sharpening-iron benefit of feedback from your peers        

Group at workMake time to work on your business! This hands-on, strategic planning course is for you if your company is facing rapid or transitional growth, is stuck, or is struggling to survive. Find clarity in the chaos and get unstuck and on track with focused direction. Following the content contained in the manual Growth Strategies Impact, in this course you will work on your strategic business plan while enjoying synergistic interaction with other business colleagues. Build collaborative relationships, receive facilitated guidance, and take away a completed strategic plan for your business.

Benefits you will gain:

  • A biblical perspective on doing business and engaging your marketplace
  • Increased confidence in your ability to lead your organization
  • Clarity in understanding your organizational purpose, vision, and values
  • A track to run on to accomplish your mission
  • Measurable action steps to achieve your goals
  • Mine new sources of revenue
  • Knowing where to best spend your time, money, and energy
  • A strategy to engage each of your team members for peak performance
  • Camaraderie and support from like-minded leaders
  • A personalized strategic plan to guide your decisions and activities, and measure your success

Course cost: $497

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What you will receive:

  • 6 Total Sessions of 2 Hours each week (or as determined by group)
  • The manual Growth Strategy Impact
  • Facilitated guidance through the strategic planning process as it applies directly to your business with content delivery based on the example of Nehemiah and other biblically inspired principles.
  • A personal coaching session
  • An electronic template to prepare your personalized strategic plan
  • Opportunities for developing professional relationships with fellow participants

One on One


Customized planning facilitation personalized for you and your organization

Website man aloneIt’s lonely at the top. If are an organizational leader that benefits from having a trusted confidant to provide perspective and insight, our personalized facilitation planning on your schedule at your convenience is for you. Tailored to meet your specific needs, through these onsite, regular sessions, you will gain new insights into leading your organization while completing a strategic plan. This customized consultation also provides additional attention to communicating the vision, implementing your plan, building capacity, and engaging your team.

How you and your organization will benefit:

  • Empowered leadership having a Biblical perspective and being aligned with God’s purposes.
  • Personalized attention and guidance aimed at your success
  • Facilitation to actively involve your team in the planning process
  • Fresh perspective on revenue and stewardship opportunities
  • Peace that your activities are directed at getting results
  • Security that resources are allocated wisely
  • Buy-in for your vision through your effective communication
  • Having engaged team members set up for peak performance
  • Guidance for capacity building and implementing your plans (these plans don’t just sit on the shelf!).

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Move from Good to Great

Good leaders know how to lead themselves, others, and their organizations. Great leaders powerfully influence transformation. They courageously confront who they really are, confidently invest in developing others, and purposefully guide their organizations to have a transformational impact on their communities.


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On Your Own

Self-guided strategic planning course on your schedule at your pace

Man at computerAre you a self-motivated, “go-it-alone” kind of leader needing concrete guidance for your business? If you are confident you have the personal discipline to work on your own and at your own pace, but need a track to run on, order our Impact Planning Course. Discover the benefit of having a road map to keep your business activities on track to grow your company. Our coaching calls will help hold you accountable and provide additional observations and recommendations.

How you will benefit:

  • A biblically based perspective on leading and planning
  • A guided approach to planning for your business or company
  • Go at your own pace, from any location
  • Receive personalized attention from consultation calls
  • The guide Growth Strategies Impact
  • Electronic study resources
  • A step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank template for your plan
  • Confidence in having an action plan that will get results and keep you from distractions.

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What you will receive:

  • Our strategic planning manual, Growth Strategy Impact, containing 12, systematic sessions providing you with guidance in evaluating your existing practice, assignments for applying to your business, and action steps for implementing your plans.
  • A PowerPoint presentation guiding you through the chapters and assignments
  • Two, monthly one-hour phone consultations with me to answer questions and guide you through the process (good for six months after sign up)
  • A subscription to our Impact Leader e-newsletter
  • Our strategic planner electronic template

Our guarantee: If you do not find this content to meet your needs or expectations, you can return the kit within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund.

Details about our sessions

Preparing for Vision Planning and Leading

Understand the role planning plays in your business success and how knowing your direction provides confidence in leadership. Identify your leadership strengths in light of Godly leadership.

Focused Vision

Examine what motivates you for your business and how to align your passions with God’s purposes. Gain optimum clarity by preparing vision, values, and mission statements to anchor your business when opportunities and challenges arise.

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Goal Setting and Process Planning

Determine priorities for your business based on discovery of its “distinctive difference.” Stay on track knowing the direction you’re headed with a process of prepared action steps. Distinguish between opportunities and distractions, and when to be focused and when to be flexible

Securing Support and Resources

Examine messaging that communicates your vision to a variety of audiences and craft a compelling message. Determine what assets to maximize, costs to cut, and strategize how to build capacity for growth.

Engaging Your Team

Find satisfaction for and with your employees or team members by understanding their needs. Plot out the appropriate level of leadership for each of their skill levels. Gain ideas for celebrating their success.

Implementing Your Plans

Examine organizational structures and strategies for implementing your plan. Understanding the challenges that side track your success. Consideration for your business sustainability and personal succession planning.

A Completed Strategic Plan*

A strategic planning template is provided electronically and as a paper copy. To complete a strategic plan, about 1-2 hours of individual work per week will be required outside of the meeting sessions. Each process offers some appointments for personalized attention, except for the One-on-One sessions which are entirely focused on your personal needs.

* We make every attempt to keep you accountable for each step of the process, but your individual results will depend upon the level of your engagement.

*Our Guarantee: Implementing these strategies is your responsibility, guiding you through them is ours! After completing any of our service options, if you don’t feel they have significantly changed the way you think and do business, we will happily refund your money.